A kids hand puts a green wooden brick on a tower built from other wooden bricks of different colors

4 Level Verification process

As in many other aspects of life - context is king - also for skill verification. “What can I do” is as important a question as “How did I prove what I can do”.

SkillDisplay offers a 4 level verification system to answer both questions for all parties involved.

  • Self Verification – just tick a Skill when you feel ready to move on.
  • Educational Verification – verify your students’ Skills after an exam or workshop.
  • Business Verification – verify your employees’ Skills proven on the job.
  • Certification – claim acknowledgement of passed certification exams.

You decide how you test and verify Skills, SkillDisplay offers an accessible tool to request, hand out and administrate verifications. Our verification system offers learners, educators and businesses a precise record on who learned what and by whom it was verified in a certain context.