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Skill Management & Micro-Certification for Everyone

How Does SkillDisplay Work?

1. Breakdown

Experts break down complicated topics into smaller units - called Skills

2. Dependencies

They also define the dependencies between Skills. The result can be viewed as a tree, to get a good overview.

3. Verification

Users can collect Verification on four levels:

Self Assessment
Educational Verification
Practical Expertise
Official Certification

Why SkillDisplay?

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Track and Display Your Skills

You learn something every day. Whether you are reading up on specific topics, receive educational training or finetune your skills with practical work. SkillDisplay gives you the opportunity to track your progress and have your skills verified.

Track and Display Your Skills

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Coach Skills to Others

You are a professional in public Education, working as revenue oriented coach or an individual who wants to help out the community with an interesting article about a specific Skill? SkillDisplay has a scenario for you.

Coach Skills to Others

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Establish Skill Management in your Company

Personal development and information on requirements for performing the next career step is important to employees. On SkillDisplay, Experts from the industry provide Skill definitions based on official Certifications. You can easily create sets of skills required for key positions in your company just by selecting them from the available choices.

Establish Skill Management

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Create Your Own Skills and Certifications

You are one of the main representatives of a field of expertise for which you'd like to create Skills as way of monetarization and incentive for the community? You are a Certifier with one or more existing Certifications and want to modernize your methods, while increasing the quality of the process? The SkillDisplay team has the experience and structures to support you in your endavour.

Create Your Own Skills and Certifications

Introduce SkillDisplay in Your Company

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Create a ready-to-use setting within one day

The Kickstarter Package is the ideal starting point for a use-case based evaluation of the SkillDisplay platform. It is designed to let a small number of representatives from your company create a Minimum Viable Product over the course of a one-day workshop guided by a SkillDisplay Certified Expert. The package also includes a 6-month SkillDisplay as a Service instance.

SkillDisplay Kickstarter Workshop

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Ensure technical and methodical support

Professional Skill Management is a matter of keeping your infrastructure running smoothly, but also of tailoring general principles to perfectly fit your company’s needs and processes.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

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Participate in trainings

SkillDisplay currently offers three Certifications, ranging from beginner to expert Level.

  • SkillDisplay Certified Professional
  • SkillDisplay Certified Technician
  • SkillDisplay Certified Expert

Become a SkillDisplay Expert

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Schedule a personal appointment

Schedule a personal 30-minute appointment to receive counselling regarding SkillDisplay. Just tell us your favorite day of the week and timeslot.

Schedule appointment

Customer Use Case

TYPO3 CMS is an Open Source Enterprise Content Management System with a large global community, backed by the approximately 900 members of the TYPO3 Association. SkillDisplay teamed up with the TYPO3 Education Committee, which is responsible for official Certification, as well as supporting the community in learning matters.

Find out more about the TYPO3 Use Case

Distinguished Innovation

SkillDisplay was selected as a distinguished innovation on the IÖB Innovationsplattform of the Austrian Federal Procurement Agency. IÖB identifies solutions to be suggested for use in the public sector and communal invitations of tenders.

SkillDisplay on the IÖB platform