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SkillDisplay as a Service

We guide you towards professional skill management!

What is SkillDisplay as a Service?

Is it for you?

SkillDisplay is software for internal use that provides a simple and extendable solution to empower companies to manage the abilities and competencies of their employees efficiently. The tool allows to track and accelerate the progress of internal education, enables the analysis of available knowledge and helps to find the right person during the hiring process.

This is possible due to our unique way to depict skills and their dependencies comfortably and precisely in a custom built and user-centric web interface. Furthermore, companies that are interested in young talents in their field of work are invited to support educational institutions while gaining the attention of potential future employees.

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Why SkillDisplay?

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Establish Skill Management

SkillDisplay as a Service is an easy way to introduce Skill Management to your organization. As a cloud-based service we offer:

  • quick setup
  • no local resources required
  • white-label or branded instances

Skill Management

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Benefits of a proven methodology

SkillDisplay is built on a methodolgy proven in both educational and business environments. We add structure to the learning process to increase accessability and reduce preparation time and provide verification to further merit and motiviation. How does it work?

Proven Methodology

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4 Level Verification system

As in many other aspects of life - context is king - also for skill verification. “What can I do” is as important a question as “How did I prove what I can do”.

SkillDisplay offers a 4 level verification system to answer both questions for all parties involved.

Verification System

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The benefits of our verification system don’t end with the actual enabling process. Granted verifications provide valuable information, allowing precise evaluation of existing and missing company knowledge, increase of available competencies over time (or decrease when loosing colleagues), and how much time enabling takes for each relevant skill.

Skill Verification Statistics

Our Customers

TYPO3 CMS is an Open Source Enterprise Content Management System with a large global community, backed by the approximately 900 members of the TYPO3 Association. SkillDisplay teamed up with the TYPO3 Education Committee, which is responsible for official Certification, as well as supporting the community in learning matters.

Read more about the TYPO3 Use Case

Become one of our customers to benefit from the advantages of scalable and professional skill management.

Introduce SkillDisplay in your company

Introduce SkillDisplay in your company

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Create a ready-to-use setting within one day

The Kickstarter Package is the ideal starting point for a use-case based evaluation of the SkillDisplay platform. It is designed to let a small number of representatives from your company create a Minimum Viable Product over the course of a one-day workshop guided by a SkillDisplay Certified Expert. The package also includes a 6-month SkillDisplay as a Service instance.

SkillDisplay Kickstarter Package

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Get to know the basics of professional Skill Management

The SkillDisplay Certified Professional (SDCP) is versed in the general skill management concept and can identify and name relevant terms and tools in order to aid the process of identifying and maintaining relevant skills for his/her company.

He/She understands the idea of verification and certification and can relate those to appropriate use cases.

SkillDisplay Certified Professional Workshop

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Become a technical administrator

Requires SDCP

The SkillDisplay Certified Technician (SDCT) can use all frontend functionalities of the platform and is able to manage users and organisations. He/She has a basic understanding of underlying SkillTree manipulation and its effects, can group skills into SkillSets and prepare them for the release to end users. In addition the SkillDisplay Certified Technician can use the platform provided reporting tools for gathering and summarizing verification/certification data.

SkillDisplay Certified Technician Workshop

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Obtain blueprints and coaching for an in-house skill management workshop

Requires SDCP

The SkillDisplay Certified Expert (SDCE) can host in-house workshops to create and maintain company relevant skills for later use with or without the SkillDisplay as a Service platform.

He/She knows how to interpret and (if necessary) adapt the blueprint process provided with the training. In addition the SkillDisplay Certified Expert possesses a basic set of moderation skills necessary to guide the team and process tasked with creating the skill structure.

SkillDisplay Certified Expert Workshop

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Schedule a personal appointment

Schedule a personal 30-minute appointment to receive counselling regarding SkillDisplay as a Service for companies. Just tell us your favorite day of the week and timeslot.

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