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Benefits of a proven methodology

SkillDisplay is built on a methodology proven in both educational and business environments. We add structure to the learning process to increase accessibility and reduce preparation time and provide verification to further merit and motiviation. How does it work?


SkillDisplay breaks down knowledge in easily digestable Skills. It should only take a few minutes to get a grasp on a Skill, and to understand its requirements, what it leads to, and how to learn it. This reduces inhibitions to star learning, gives you a starting point, and an indication where to go next.


Skills may be combined into SkillSets, a group of Skills that are taught or required in a certain context. Those Skills may depend on each other, or they may not. A SkillSet may represent a certification, a workshop, or even a presentation that covers only a few Skills.


Each Skill individually, or a SkillSet at once, may be verified. Learners may verify Skills form themselves, to track progress, or seek verification by others. Learn more about our 4 Level Verification System below.