A group of people participating in a workshop situated in a light filled room on a higher storey.

SkillDisplay Kickstarter Workshop

Create a ready-to-use setting within one day

The Kickstarter Workshop is the ideal starting point for a use-case based evaluation of the SkillDisplay platform. It is designed to let a small number of representatives from your company create a Minimum Viable Product over the course of a one-day workshop guided by a SkillDisplay Certified Expert.

Output examples

  • Creation of a job offer for publication on your website against which applicants can match their own skills.
  • A definition for skills needed and used in one of your departments on a regular base for future statistical evaluation.
  • A set of skills used to hold customer trainings for your own or 3rd party product.


  • Minimum Viable Product 1-day workshop in your company
  • Follow up 1-day workshop (suggested 3 months after MVP workshop)
  • Free Company Setup
  • EUR 2.960,- (additional travel/lodging costs may apply)

Book your Kickstarter Workshop

The kickstarter package includes two one-day appointments for our customers. Please inform us with your favorite date for the initial appointment. We recommend to start the workshops at 09:00 AM and schedule the follow up at the end of day one.

While the optimal results can be achieved on a personal basis, we can also hold the Kickstarter Workshop online for you.