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You never stop learning – ensure technical and methodical support

Professional Skill Management is a matter of keeping your infrastructure running smoothly, but also of tailoring general principles to perfectly fit your company’s needs and processes.

Priority support and guaranteed reply times

Quick replies are important for your workflow. Our reporting system lets you see the current state of your inquiry at all times.

Dedicated account manager & coach

Having a hard use case to crack when building your skill structure? Our Enterprise customers have their own dedicated account manager and trainer. This ensures your personal support team will be familiar with your setup and projects to optimize the handling of your request.

Reporting & guided analysis

Our experts will create a regular report for you, including data analysis and recommendations. Our enterprise customers are also offered a personal appointment for an online presentation, offering the chance for in-depth evaluation.


Small Business

Price per month€ 500,-
Tech response time12 business days
Tech hourly rate2€ 120,-
Coach response time1-
Coach hourly rate2€ 200,-
Dedicated contact3-
Reporting services4-


Price per month€ 1.000,-
Tech response time11 business day
Tech hourly rate2€ 110,-
Coach response time12 business days
Coach hourly rate2€ 180,-
Dedicated contact3Account Manager
Reporting services41 / year


Price per month€ 3.000,-
Tech response time11 business day
Tech hourly rate2€ 100,-
Coach response time11 business day
Coach hourly rate2€ 160,-
Dedicated contact3Account Manager
Reporting services44 / year
Guided Analysis

1 Maximum response time, business days only
2 Short time priority support, hourly rates excluding VAT. Rates for technical support and coaching, respectively.
3 Your personal account manager / coach, who is familiar with your individual use case and requirements.
4 Reporting file (PDF) for the given period, compiled from all statistics regarding your organization. In addition, your account manager will provide a guided analysis and evaluation of the report data in a reserved meeting

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