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First Steps With Your Free SkillDisplay Organization Account

Claim Your Free SkillDisplay Organization Account

TYPO3 association members of levels silver, gold and platinum can now claim their free SkillDisplay organization account just by logging in with their typo3.org account. Make sure your organization is created and assigned to your user within typo3.org beforehand.

Login with TYPO3 account

Present Your Organization

You have your very own public organization page that allows you to present the competency level of your company members. The perfect addition for your next project pitch!

  1. Setup your public organization page in the backend
  2. Assign verification permissions to yourself or other users of your company
  3. Have organization members request verification for practical expertise

Each verified skill for company members will contribute towards your organizations total skill score and bring you closer to the top 5 in your sector!

Improve Your Internal Mentorship

Senior employees act as mentors for collegues new to the company in many organizations. Are you one of them? Help the mentee tracking his/her progress and get statistics about your mentoring program in the process.

  1. Choose a SkillSet fitting the onboarding process (e.g.: the TYPO3 CMS Certified Editor 10 LTS) and let the mentee explore the skills. When they are confident they possess a skill, they can perform a Self-Verification (basically claiming they believe they have mastered the skill).
  2. Agree on a review date between Mentee and Mentor and have the Mentee request verification for practical expertise for each of the skills he/she wants to review with the mentor.
  3. The mentee will find all verified skills in his/her user profile and the verifications will all contribute towards your organizations skill score.

Using SkillDisplay for your mentorship will not only increase the sense of achievement for your mentees, but will also provide you with interesting statistics like the duration of the onboarding process, identifying how hard specific skills are to coach and more.

Promote Your Training Resource

Promote your learning resources and offer them to learners exactly when they are needed. After selecting the skills which are coached by your training resource (e.g.: a coaching, workshop, blog article, book or similar) learners will be able to find it via the search or as active recommendation.

Check out the simple 2-step setup process in our knowledge base article on Promoting Your Training Resource to find out more.

Your Personal Use Case

You have additional questions about the scenarios or want to explore more possibilities? Schedule a free introduction meeting with us to explore the optimal scenario for your company.