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Establish Skill Management

SkillDisplay as a Service is an easy way to introduce Skill Management to your organization. As a cloud-based service we offer:

  • quick setup - your instance is ready within a few days
  • no local resources required - SkillDisplay is accessed through your browser
  • white-label or branded instances - SkillDisplay allows for limited branding of your instance

Easy-to-use backend

Hosted as a website SkillDisplay offers a simple backend to administrate your users, be it only members of your organization or a public audience.

Mobile-friendly frontend

Our UI is fully responsive and allows full access to all platform features on mobile phone. Manage your Skills on the go or directly on premise.

Visual Skill Editor

Creating you own Skills and SkillSets is assisted by a graphical toolbox, that allows you to draw dependencies and arranging your SkillTree via drag & drop. Integrated editing tools support creation and maintenance of your Skills and allow you to focus on your content.

Out-of-the-box Verification System

Our 4 Level Verification System is at your service after deploying. Start verifying publicly available Skills as soon as you want or create your own first.

Data protection

Publication of your content is under your control; you decide if your SkillDisplay is used purely for internal Skill Management or open to the public. SkillDisplay is hosted on servers located within the EU and fully GDPR compliant. For more information see our data protection guideline.