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Establish Skill Management

SkillDisplay is an easy way to introduce Skill Management in your organization.

    Offer Custom Career Paths for Employees

    Personal development and information on requirements for performing the next career step is important to employees. On SkillDisplay, Experts from the industry provide Skill definitions based on official Certifications. You can easily create sets of skills required for key positions in your company just by selecting them from the available choices.

    • Employees instantly receive a step-by-step path for skills to tackle based on their existing knowledge
    • Employees can track their progress towards the position
    • Seniors can approve of an employees skill for a job well done

    Create your own Skills

    Are you dealing in a special niche-market? Just create the Skills you are missing for in-house training yourself with our Visual Skill Editor. The Skills you create are private for members of your company.

      All Features Included

      There are no paywalls on SkillDisplay which prevent you from using additional features. After setting up your Company account the full featureset is at your disposal. Examples include:

      • Internal Organization Statistics
      • Public Organization View (Disabled by Default, Opt-In)
      • API Access for Custom Integrations for Learning Management Systems or Project Management Software

      Pay based on Usage only

      The only time you pay for using SkillDisplay is when you issue a Verification to a person with your companies logo. (Example: You affirm the Practical Expertise of a team member after a job well done). Self-Assessment for company members is free.

      Setup Fee:€ 100,-
      Verification Cost:€ 0,45

      Example: Over the course of a month you verify the "Practical Expertise" of a team member for 15 skills. This comes up to € 6,75. (15 x € 0,45)