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Generate Income by Providing a Public Learning Resource

You are providing learning resources for the community of your favorite field of expertise? SkillDisplay offers a system that rewards you for your efforts.

Help Learners Keeping Track of Their Progress

By offering a Self-Verification button with your learning resource, users can save their progress as Self-Assessment when they are finished with the lecture. Just contact the SkillDisplay team and we'll generate your very own unique identification, with which you can create Self-Verification buttons for your learning resource for any Skill you require.

Get Rewarded for Offering Public Learning Resources

When you offer a learning resource for a Skill which can also be certified with an official Certification, you are eligible for the SkillDisplay rewards program.
We'll take note whenever a user who Self-Assesses a skill for the first time, does so with the help of your learning resource. If the user manages to obtain official Certification at a later time, you receive a € 0,05 reward.

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